HR Compliance Audit

Audits are an excellent way to assess your current practices and identify gaps or potential risk to your organization.  Improper practices and processes could result in your organization paying tens of thousands of dollars in fines or back pay.
Clients are provided with a Report of Findings and Recommendations during a debrief call with a KR-HR specialist.

Agencies such as the Department of Labor no longer accept an out-of-compliance business owner’s reason of, “I didn’t know.”

You need to know how your organization is doing.  Audit areas include:

  • Employee Handbook – high level.  Additional fee if fully reviewed
  • Salary and hourly pay practices
  • Labor law compliance
  • Employee records, personnel and medical files
  • On-boarding process
  • Job descriptions
  • Turnover trends
  • Interviewing and hiring process
  • Performance management practices
  • Employee relations practices
  • Compliance training

Further engagement with KR-HR to implement solutions to avoid costly mistakes is a worthwhile investment in your organization.

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“If I would’ve had Karen’s KR-HR team in the beginning, it would’ve saved me considerable time, stress, and money.”

Dave Gibbons, Owner of Infiniti Logistics after his Department of Labor audit