Why Partner With the KR-HR Team?

You’re not an HR expert. You’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, a leader who understands that your people are your greatest asset. You’re savvy enough to realize that happy employees lead to happy customers—which lead to business growth.

We understand you’re busy running your business, not focusing on staying up-to-date with the ever-changing HR laws and landscape—and frankly, you don’t have the time (or the desire) to learn.

That’s where we come in. KR-HR provides our clients with simplified HR solutions so they can focus on their business.

No more figuring it out as you go. We make HR simple, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to get back to what you do best.

How do we partner with you?

4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Choose KR-HR

1. Resources on demand

1. Resources on demand

Access online solutions 24/7 in the membership portal.

2. Video learning

2. Video learning

Easy-to-understand format makes complex topics comprehendible.

3. Affordable pricing

3. Affordable pricing

Solve your HR issues for a fraction of the cost of a full-time HR executive.

4. Individual support

4. Individual support

Get help from a real human who knows your business.

“Karen and her team established our HR Department, policies, processes and training. They’ve worked with us through acquisitions and divestures always with a focus on balancing company and employee cultural integration needs. Karen and her team continue to provide strategic advice for our ever changing company.”

Maurice Arbelaez, Managing Partner, PH3 Healthcare Management, Overland Park, Kan.

“Without Karen I would have continued to avoid addressing an employee performance issue.  Karen created the Performance Improvement Plan and helped facilitate the discussion.  Karen’s approach went so well, everyone left the meeting feeling very good.  Today the employee is a top performer.  I’ve retained KR-HR for all my HR needs.”

Brenda Groover, President, Groover Interior Design Corp., Overland Park, Kan.

“Karen worked with our leadership team and compliance committee to implement processes, policies, procedures and training for managers and employees. She took the time to really understand our organization. All initiatives focused on balancing business needs with sound HR compliance and strategy outcomes.”

Michael Holmes, CEO, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, New Orleans, Louisiana

“Owning a business has its ups and downs. I’ve learned its best to be prepared for issues.  I knew I needed to contact someone in HR to make sure we are in full compliance with policies, state and federal regulations. After meeting Karen I feel a sense of peace knowing our staff received correct employment information. Karen is excellent at providing me with updated forms and policy changes. She’s an excellent resource when various scenarios arise.”

Alison Ernzen, Owner - Director, Little Owly’s Nest For Knowledge Daycare and Pre-school, Prairie Village, Kan

“I own a small business. Salaried employees take “after-hours” emergency calls. We never had a problem until one disgruntled employee called the Department of Labor (DOL) about the after-hours practice. Two months of DOL audits, $20k in fines and an education on labor laws taught me that professional HR direction is worth every penny. I can’t keep up with all the employment regulations. If I would’ve had Karen’s KR-HR team in the beginning, it would’ve saved me considerable time, stress, and money.”

Dave Gibbons, Owner, President, Infiniti Logistics, Overland Park, Kan

“I appreciate the time Karen and her team spent with me to go through our new employee handbook. They created policies to help us manage our dental practice. I learned a lot.”

Pamela Borchers, RDH, MS, Operations Manager, Kansas Dental Elements, Shawnee, Kan

“Karen is fair and compassionate when dealing with any employee situation. However, she is able to maintain a firm, unwavering adherence to HR policy and protocol. She does this while always maintaining a pleasant demeanor, never allowing difficult situations to change her cheerful, engaging personality.”

Scott Sutherland, Operations Manager, Northland Imaging, Liberty, Mo.

“Karen thinks of everything. She knows what she’s talking about!”

Shelly Otte, Office Manager, Corporate Lakes Dental, Overland Park, Kan.